The Building Inspector is concerned with ensuring that all construction is met under the 2012 International Building Code as adopted by the City of Gladewater. In addition, construction and permitting must comply with local requirements as described by the Gladewater Code of Ordinance.

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The CEO performs on-site restaurant inspections, investigates complaints concerning dangerous buildings, junk vehicles, over-grown weeds, trash-debris and junk and other nuisances that are violations of the city's code of ordinances.

When a complaint is received regarding a code violation, the CEO will determine if the complaint is valid and if will take further action if necessary.

Complying with the City of Gladewater Code of Ordinances is everyone's responsibility. The City of Gladewater needs your cooperation and assistance to ensure a better quality of life.

If you need to report a violation/nuisance please call (903) 845-2011.