patesmJOB SUMMARY - The City Manager serves as chief administrative and executive officer of the City and assures that all laws and city ordinances are enforced; and does related work as required. The City Manager appoints and removes all heads of departments and all subordinate officers and employees of the City, except as otherwise provided in the City Charter. The City Manager exercises control over all departments and subdivisions thereof created by the City Charter and City Council. The City Manager attends all meetings of the City Council, taking part in discussions and recommending Council action as appropriate and keeps the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City. The City Manager assures the annual budget is prepared and submitted to the City Council and assures that the City operates within its budget. The City Manager executes deeds and contracts on behalf of the City when authorized by ordinance, resolution or motion of the City Council. The City Manager also represents the City in professional and civic organizations and serves as the Gladewater Municipal Airport Manager.

PERSONAL PROFILE - Sean Pate was selected by the Gladewater City Council on August 9, 2010 and has been with the City since October 11, 2010. He is a native Texan. Sean has a B.S. in Public Administration from W. Texas A&M and an M.A. in Leadership from Bellevue University. He is a veteran to city administration having served as City Administrator in Dalworthington Gardens, Clarendon, Poteet and Balcones Heights. Sean is a member of Lions Club. Away from work Sean enjoys spending time with family, attending sporting events, and collecting sport memorabilia.