Gladewater Memorial Park Cemetery was established September 11, 1945. The physical address for the cemetery is 4716 U.S. Highway 80, Big Sandy, Texas 75755.  It is located 1.5 miles west on U.S. Highway 80 from the City limits of Gladewater.

Cemetery spaces are priced at $500.00 per space.


The following rules and regulations (Effective August 1, 2007) are set forth to govern the care and use of lots in the City owned cemetery. These rules are a revision of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Gladewater City Council in 1944 and thereafter amended, and are set forth for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

  1. No interment will be allowed on any lot until the lot is paid in full and no title to a lot shall be transferred or become valid until the full amount of the purchase money has been paid.
  2. Any lot owner who wishes to sell or transfer ownership of their lot must notify the City Manager, City Secretary or their designee at Gladewater City Hall.
  3. The City will not permit any interment to be made in any lot except under order from the lot owner delivered at the office of the City Secretary indicating desired location for such interment.
  4. Boundary markers are set solely by the City and are permanent and must remain undisturbed.
  5. Outside containers shall be required with a minimum perpetual standard of concrete or steel, or other perpetual materials manufactured to serve the same purpose.
  6. All grave sites shall be opened and closed by workers approved and permitted by the City. It will be the responsibility of each respective funeral director to comply with State regulations and leave a minimum of 6" of dirt above ground level for each completed gravesite to allow for settling. The City shall have full right to level the surface of all graves with the surrounding surface and shall have the authority to plant grass upon lots and graves.
  7. City authorities may layout or alter drives and walks, and make such rules and regulations for the government of the grounds; and care and control of the lots as they may deem right and proper to promote general welfare of the cemetery.
  8. All work and improvements on lots will be subject to the control and direction of the City Manager or City Secretary; and any alterations made without the approval of the proper authorities may be removed and the lot brought back to grade level at the expense of the lot owners.
  9. No mausoleum and/or monument shall be erected except in designated sections and shall be restricted to a maximum height of 4 feet. Section F, Section N and Section P are limited to flat markers at ground level which mowers can pass directly over.
  10. The proper City authorities must approve monument construction and location. Monument width must not exceed the gravesite boundary, except that a double monument may be centered between two grave spaces. All foot stones and corner markers must be leveled with the ground as not to interfere with mowing. Masons, stone cutters, and other workers will not be permitted to bring into the grounds materials in quantity in advance of that immediate use.
  11. Fencing, railing, hedging, curbing, coping or borders of any kind will not be allowed around lots or graves. Chairs, benches, or settees are prohibited.
  12. Planting of trees or shrubs is prohibited without permission and inspection by the proper City authorities. The City reserves the right to remove, trim or prune any tree, shrub, or plant necessitated by the digging of graves or whenever deemed necessary.
  13. Floral arrangements and grave blankets will be removed from lots and graves within three business days of becoming wilted or unsightly. Receptacles for flowers or flags not mounted to headstones must be recessed below the surface of the ground and must be of such character and location so as not to interfere with mowing of the turf nor appear unsightly when not filled.
  14. Ornaments or miscellaneous articles of any kind are not allowed upon lots or graves. The City shall have the right to remove all forbidden objects without notice. In no event will the City be held responsible for theft, loss or damage to any monument, tribute or any other article placed upon lots or graves.
  15. Vehicles driving through the cemetery must not exceed the speed of fifteen miles per hour and must drive on designated roads.
  16. Violations of these Rules and Regulations are subject to civil penalties not to exceed the maximum allowed by law.

The above Rules and Regulations were approved and adopted by the Gladewater City Council on the 21st day of June, 2007.