The purpose of the Main Street Board is to assist in the preservation of buildings, sites, works of art, documents, papers, pictures, records and writings of historical, traditional or cultural value; to perpetuate those customs of the people and traditions and folklore which seem to beautify and enrich the community life of Gladewater, Texas, to discover and work toward the development of areas of natural beauty and charm as well as those places of special natural history interest within the City of Gladewater, Texas and its environs; to disseminate knowledge, promote interest, encourage study and research and to act in an advisory capacity to interested groups of persons and organizations regarding those things already enumerated; and to cooperate with other persons, groups and agencies in effecting these objectives.


The Main Street Board meets the 1st Thursday of every other month at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room at City Hall.

The Board consists of nine directors who serve a three year term, with a two term limitation and serve without compensation. Each director is appointed by the City Council.

The current Board members are as follows:


11/11-11/14 Elaine Roddy - Chairman
11/13-11/13 Robert Johnson - Vice Chairman
11/12-11/15 Mark May
6/14-11/15 Lois Reed
11/13-11/15 Nick Foster
11/13-11/16 Monty Graham
11/13-11/16 Mark Armstrong
3/13-11/14 Jim Bardwell
11/11-11/14 Stephani Chance