The purpose of the Lee Public Library Board is to act as a policy-making Board to the city and Council and Librarian, relating to the establishment and usage of the library, the nature of the services rendered or to be rendered by the Librarian, the manner in which the library service may be coordinated with the services of the other libraries which render services to the citizens of the city, and such other manners as the Council may deem beneficial to the city.


The Library Board meets the 1st Monday after the 15th of every month at 5:00 p.m. at the library.

The Board consists of seven members who serve for a two year term without compensation. The members must be citizens of the city and the surrounding area and appointed by the City Council.

The current Board members are as follows:


11/13-11/15 Darren Richardson - Chairman
11/12-11/14 Beverly Tallent - Vice Chairman
11/13-11/15 Brenda Kaster
11/12-11/14 John Dunn
11/12-11/14 Sue Clifton-Moore
11/12-11/14 Julie McDaniel
11/13-11/15 Vi Melton - Secretary