The purpose of the Gladewater Lake Board is to act in an advisory capacity only concerning recreational activities at Lake Gladewater, making recommendations to the City Council on maintenance, improvements, and control of said activities.


The Gladewater Lake Board meets on the first Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at City Hall.

The members of the Lake Board are appointed by the Mayor and approved by a majority of the Council. The seven member board serves a two year term each. Each member is required to be a citizen of the city or surrounding area, who serve without pay.

The current members of the Lake Board are as follows:


11/12-11/14 Sam Chenoweth - Chairman
11/12-11/14 Bruce Stanley - Vice Chairman
11/13-11/15 Rocky Hawkins
4/14-11/15 Todd Tefteller
11/13-11/15 Jim St. John
11/13-11/15 Neta Clifton
Calvin "Cisco" Frierson