The Gladewater Municipal Airport Board is an advisory board to the City Council. The board from time to time is to make general studies of airport development and operation as may be useful in keeping the airport efficient and adequate to the needs of the City and the air transportation industry; it shall make recommendations to the city in respect to ground leases, construction, expansion, improvements, future plans and maintenance and operation of the airport. The Airport Board reviews and approves the design of all construction of hangars and buildings. The board is responsible for informing the Airport Manager (City Manager) of any failure by a lessee to carry out codes or policies involving the airport adopted by the City Council.



The Airport Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the airport terminal.

The Airport Board is made up of seven members serving two year terms without compensation. No person having any financial interest in any commercial carrier by air, or in any concession, right or privilege to conduct any business or render any service for compensation upon the premises of the Gladewater Municipal Airport shall be eligible for membership on the Airport Board. All members must be a citizen of the City or surrounding area. Members are appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council.

The current members of the Airport Board are as follows:


11/13-11/15 Alfred Lacy, Jr. - Chairperson
11/13-11/15 Ed Parton - Vice Chairman
11/13-11/15 Mark Carpenter
11/13-11/15 Terry Bewley
11/12-11/14 Joe Wise
11/12-11/14 Al Heard
Dr. Bert E. Sharp